Behind The Strikes

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I’m pleased to have scored the music to this new documentary which will be airing on Sky Documentaries, Sky Showcase & Sky News from Thursday 7th September.

The director wanted one of the main featured instruments of the score to be a Pipe Organ incorporated with strings and other orchestral and electronic elements making this quite and unusual and fun score to write.

Behind the Strikes, Sky News takes cameras behind the scenes of two of the biggest and most disruptive trade union industrial disputes of 2023, teachers and nurses.

The story is told through the lens of two astonishing women: Pat Cullen, the Royal College of Nursing’s General Secretary and Dr Mary Bousted, the National Education Union’s joint leader, following their emotional journey as they represent their predominantly female workforces who are losing pay every day they’re out on strike.

At a time when private sector pay growth has passed inflation, teachers will return to schools for another stretched year, nurses head into the pressures of winter and the country continues to navigate the cost-of-living crisis, the film encapsulates the realities behind the 8-month battle for better pay in a year that’s seen the biggest wave of industrial strikes in 30 years.