Remarkable Places To Eat

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Really pleased to have provided the theme for the new series of ‘Remarkable Places To Eat’ which is coming to Channel 4 and More 4 from Monday 7th August at 9pm

In ‘Remarkable Places To Eat’ some of the world’s most highly respected chefs and foodies open up their little black books to give us the ultimate guide on where in the world to eat, as they reveal their absolute favourite places from tiny, tucked-away family-run trattorias to restaurants at the cutting edge of innovation.

Whether it’s a once-in-a-lifetime tasting menu showcasing locally foraged flavours or an unforgettable snack elevated to something extraordinary. 

The shows sponsor is Poretti beer which has its own commercial playing before, after and in between ‘Remarkable Places To Eat’. We were also fortunate provided the music for this which you can watch here: