I have been recording brass at Angel studios in London for a new EMI track called ‘The Filth‘. Very much in the style of retro cop shows. The track is shortly having strings added which will be recorded in Budapest. You can watch one of the brass takes below:

Very pleased to have worked on this commercial video called ‘Beyond A Journey‘ which promotes Ras Al Khaimah. The film is directed by  the very talented Leonardo Dalessandri and has had a fantastic response. Very pleased with the result which you can watch below:

Also this month a couple of new TV commercials running include this one for ‘Barclays‘:


And this one for ‘Everyday Loans

Other ad’s to look out for are the ‘Graze‘ &  ‘Talk Talk’ commercial which are still running across UK TV & Radio as is the commercial for ‘Your Move’ which has been very popular with the public. ‘Wickes’ are also still using my track for their ad branding, you can’t beat a catchy whistle! Both of these can be viewed on the video page of my website.