Hi everyone, and welcome to April!  It seems that summer may be on its way here in the UK!

Well, it’s busy here with several exciting projects in progress of which I will update the blog as they develop.

But what I can tell you is that I have a new album out now with Focus Music called ‘Tension Openers’ filled with gripping and tension based tracks. You can listen here:


I have also provided a considerable amount of the music for Channels 5’s ‘Benefits by the Sea’ series, including the end credits and various incidental tracks throughout.

Many other TV’s spots are about at the moment with my music used in adverts for Optimax, RNIB, Your Move, Gambling.comTalk Talk and keep an eye out for new Wickes ads which will shortly resume using the track ‘Free and Easy’ as their branding.  How many have you seen?

Here is a small selection below:



Your Move