Welcome to my latest blog!

I am currently in the process of scoring the film Revelation which is due to premiere at the LA film Festival early next year. It’s an interesting take on the Western genre and very much looking forward to seeing it complete. More on this soon…!

I just recently completed the music package for the South African Lottery. This goes out twice a week across the country and first aired this month. You can watch it here:


Great usage on the titles of Masterchef recently which you can watch here:


It’s been quite hilarious to have one of my tracks used as the theme to team versatile’s Bizzie Bee book on a recent episode of The Apprentice. You can listen to it in full here:



And finally another notable mention this month has been a recurring promo I have had on the popular ITV1 Judge Rinder Promo featuring ‘The Biggest Challenge’ Trailer track. You can listen to the track right here: